(Base Class) Disciples of Morana

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(Base Class) Disciples of Morana Empty (Base Class) Disciples of Morana

Post  Doug on Sat Apr 12, 2014 12:30 am

Humans, Ascended, Special Summizer Types or Riser only!

Can only wear light armor


Generic Tier 1 Skills:

Crippling Shot: Movement Skills and Movement costs 5% more stamina


Crippling Shot: Movement Skills and Movement costs 5% more stamina

Dual wield Disciples of Morana

Dual wield
Rage: Each hit  gives you one stack of rage.  At 15 stacks, you gain 50% bonuses with passives.  At 30, passive effects are doubled.  Max rage is 30 stacks.  Rage is used for skills.

Tier 1 Passives

(With stacking passives, you need to be hit before your turn begins again to keep them.  )

Pain is Power:  .1 multiplier, 5 stacks max.  (Example: You do 50 damage.  You do 50 x 1.5 = 75.  You do 100 Damage.. 100 x 1.5 = 150... etc.)

Keep hitting!:  .05 damage reduction every time you are hit.  Max of 5 stacks.  (Example.  You take 100 damage, you have all five stacks.  100 x 0.75 = 75.... You take 100 damage at 1 stack.  100 x 0.95 = 95.. etc) No bonus gain from Fury.

Glory:  Recover 5% of your cumulative HP.  Gain 5% more after losing a Life point, capping at 25%.

Bleeding out!: 50% chance to cause a stack of bleeding per attack.

Tier 1 Actives

Grappling Specialization:  Shoot a grappling hook at the enemy.  If successful, the enemy is pulled to you.  You may use this on Terrain to travel as well.  Super rolls will knock the enemy down when pulled.

Swift Strikes: Three dual wield style normal attacks (6 hits).  This does not generate rage..  10 Stacks, 1T CD.

Moar health!: Gain 150 HP Buffer Shield (Can not be pierced, it's a Buffer HP).  Does not proc passive.  5 Stacks of Rage.  1T CD

Counter:  Caster Interrupt Move, or counter attack the enemy.  Must beat their roll.  5 stacks of Rage

Raging fury!:  20 Stacks of rage gives 100% stamina. 3T CD

Out of Battle:  Out of battle (But still can be in combat) rage is consumed healing 2% of max HP (Not cumulative) per stack of rage.

Two-handed Disciples of Morana

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