(Special Class)Blood Knight "Ones Who Returned From The Nether"(Playable)

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(Special Class)Blood Knight "Ones Who Returned From The Nether"(Playable) Empty (Special Class)Blood Knight "Ones Who Returned From The Nether"(Playable)

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(Race)Vampire:Immune to blinds,charm,life stealing effects against you.And parries cost 10% stamina .+weakness to plasma,fire,holy  + immune to all LPP but can be LPP against fire,plasma or holy.

(Racial)Bite:if you are in melee range of someone you may attempt to bite them this is a all.p attack and they must str contest you if this fail you bit them for your str x 2 + spd x 2 and healed for all the damage this can LPP this can only be attempted once per turn until landed if this lands it goes on a 2T CD.

Stam:150 Regens 150 a turn
(Passive)Living Mass:your weapons are part of a living mass that wraps around any of your wielded bladed weapons giving them a life steal effect these weapons are attached to you while wielding and cannot be disarmed unless they LITERALLY cut your arms off.Two Handed = Str = life steal amount,Dual Wield = half spd per singular dual wield hit = amount of hp drained

(Resource)Blood:this builds up 5% per normal hit that does damage ,10% per hit on a injured target,20% on a severely injured target.Basic Attacks Only.

(Passive)Special Cloth Armor Mastery:Allows you to use Enhanced Cloth Armor

Regens 100% stamina a turn and starts with 2 ability points.

Class Abilities

Devour Essence:*Aoe* 1-2 block range-Devours all living targets essence in the area giving you hp equal to half your str per enemy hit this is def.p . 2T CD.40% stamina cost.

(Super Skill)Blood Vortex:vreate a vortex of acidic blood around you and expand it outward this deals your str x 3 + spd x 3 + all.p + heals you for the damage dealt this heal cannot LPP this also gives you 60% stamina back. 3 block radius 100% blood cost.

(Super Skill)True Vampire:turn into a true vampire for 1T for 100% blood this lowers all evasion costs to 5% stamina and you no longer life steal on attacks or abilities + you gain Mita equal to your str + spd in this form and normal skills that cost stamina cost half.Cannot drop below 1 HP in this form.100% blood cost.

(Passive)Once Mortal:can learn techniques that base classes can ( non base class abilities)

Devouring Strike:50% stamina cost- this attack weakens a enemy draining hp equal to your str or spd whatever is higher and making their next evasion cost 10% more + your next attack will do x2 damage.

(Passive)Vampire Grip:Allows the use of two handed weapons in both hands and each weapon drains for str per hit .

(Active)Charm::This skill allows you to play tricks on a the opposite genders mind making them see and think things they normally wouldnt you can control them and tell them what to do charm requires a triple or above to break charm lasts 2T and cannot be used while one person is already charmed charm has no cooldown but can only be attempted once a turn this skill only has a 0-1 block range and charm allows you to spend all of their stamina to do normal attacks and allows you to expend all of their stamina without them passing out charm will wear off once they take 1 LP in damage or once 2T pass or if they break it through the once a turn roll you have +2 to normal attack against the charmer for 1 attack.

One With The Shadows:Fuse with a enemies shadow you just say hidden action and dont tell anyone except the DM whos you fused with if they dont figure out whos shadow it is within the end of the turn you used it you form a genderless shade that has the your Hp x 2 + the person shadow you fused with Hp x 2 + their Str + their Spd + their stamina x2 + their def x 2 this shade uses its stamina till it hits 0 its dodges are free and it cannot parry its attacks heal you for half the damage it does its attacks always armor pierce the shade has last stand and 0 LP once the shade dies the person who had their shadow copied loses 1LP then the ability goes on a 5T CD this skill doesnt have a CD till it goes off but the ability can only be attempted once every other turn the ability costs 60% stamina.

Illusionist:When losing a LP you make 3 mirror images of yourself and you stealth you stay stealthed until you do something or all 3 images are broken however if you dont attack and all 3 break you gain x3 dmg with your next normal attack.

(Passive)Blood Shadow:if you lose a LP you form a Blood Shade this shadow will attack three times for your str + spd + all.p then the shade will vanish.

Stalker: Stealth and teleport to a location of someone by themselves and then darkening the area around that person giving them -1 to evasion + you also have a +1 since this is a sneak attack unless they have night vision in which then you will only have +1 to attack if this attack lands its LPP and reduces their stamina by 50% + gives you the damage dealt back in hp this can LPP . 2T CD 80% stamina cost.

Scent Of Blood:Anytime a enemy loses a LP teleport to them and do three free attacks each of these attacks will do x2 damage and cost nothing.If they have less than 1Lp the attacks do x 3 damage.

Form Blood Arsenal:Form a two hander or dual wield weapons for 50% blood or a suit of armor for 50% blood you cannot life steal with this weapon and the weapons stats is 100 + str  + spd +def.p and the armor fits over your current armor and gives you + 100 bonus armor this armor lasts the entire fight unless its broken.

(Passive)Advanced Siphoning:Every 3rd normal attack that lands will steal str x 3 as hp + your normal life steal *this can be negated by defense and armor*

Vampire Evolution(Aerial Dps): it his gives you wings that allow for flight that lets you have a +1 to evaded ranged attacks and a +1 to evading melee attacks the downside is you lose 40 stamina every turn this is active but you also gain the ability Blood Dive this costs nothing and you fly and slam down a area knocking every down and doing str + all.p damage and gaining 30% blood for each target hit. Dive has a 2T CD. This also gives you the ability to once a turn throw a blood orb that explodes in a 3 block aoe for str x 3 or spd x 3 dmg . You also gain impale which disables your wings but allows you to keep a target cc'ed making them have to beat your roll to break the cc if they cant break it they take their str + spd + all.p as damage per roll impale has 1T CD . *can only have one evolution*

Vampire Evolution(Assassin):every 2T throw down a cloud of nether shadows that engulfs a 5 block radius area all enemies have -1 to your vampire abilities while in this and all vampire abilities all.p while in this cloud . Also gain Reaving Leap which allows to blind the enemy if one is at your location and leap to a target 1-10 blocks away and land on them ccing them and doing 5 normal attacks on them that they cant evade if you land on them they are silenced and stunned during this each attack is all.p when you use this and each one of these attacks puts a bleed = to str or spd and stacks up to x5 making it str x 5 or spd x 5 up to 3 turns leap has a 3T if you land on them if you dont land on them it has a 1T CD 40% stamina cost.And the final ability of this lets you form a poisonous cloud around yourself disabling enemy vision making them unable to see and outside enemies cant see into it this poison does your str x 4 or spd x 4 per phase in it and is all.p and while in this cloud you rip out of your body leaving a husk behind that looks just like you and you stealth this lets you using the sneak attack lvl 3 which does your weapon dmg x 5 + all.p on the enemy hit this skill has 2T CD if it doesnt land if does it has a 5T CD and it costs nothing.

Vampire Evolution(Tank):+400 max hp + 30 defense And allows you to do a dashing charge that knocks all targets near you down in a circle around you when you use it and you charge 1-5 blocks away knocking down everyone in a line for 1 action once you get to your target you hit them with a Heavy Slam doing Str + your def as non.p damage and draining 30 of the enemies stamina and stunning them for 1 turn unless they are hit.Also gain Blood Spire which can be used as a sneak attack on a target to attempt to cause a blood explosion sending them into the air on one target if this hits you gain your str x 2 + spd x 2 back as hp and they take that damage and while flying they have 1 try to evade the pit of spikes left by the explosion if they mess up they take str x 2 as all.p dmg and you gain spd x 2 back as hp also this has a 3T CD. Also when taking this passive you now take normal damage from all burning effects EXCEPT plasma and red antimatter you also cannot be LPP by any of the burning elements except plasma and red antimatter you also can no longer be knocked down.

Blood Stance:*stance has a 1T CD after turning it off*This allows you to do normal attacks that consume blood rather than generate it BUT it makes your normal attacks have a 1-6 block range and gives them a x1 additional modifier.


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