(Special Class)Caster"The Last Of The Ancient Elemental Wizards"

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(Special Class)Caster"The Last Of The Ancient Elemental Wizards" Empty (Special Class)Caster"The Last Of The Ancient Elemental Wizards"

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(Race)Elemental:Choose one and gain mastery over that element making it easier to tame those element pets and making your spells of that element.+1 to force taming of the elemental pet  you choose of your same element.

(Base stats without element choice)
Stam:100 Regens 50 a turn
Mana:100% regens 50 a turn

All elementals are immune to poison and disease and can only be LPP by their weakness.

Fire(Offensive/Dot):+10 str,+10 spd+ fire mastery,

Arcane(Offensive):+20 Str + gain 50% extra mana +arcane mastery

Light(Support):+20 spd +50% mana + light mastery

Dark(Offensive/Debuff):+10 Str , + 10 Spd + dark mastery

Earth(Hyrbid,Tank,Support):+`200 defense +5 str + earth mastery

Water(Offensive):+5 str +5 spd +30 defense

This class uses light armor.


(Passive/Active)Create Elemental Orb:you start the battle with 3 of these these can be used at anytime but consumes the orb they can be used as insta evade all per orb or you can consume one of the orbs and gain flight for the entire battle giving you 5 block free movement and projectiles have a -2 to hit you and beams have a -1 to hit you these orbs do not come back till the battle has ended.

Mana Technique:This allows you to use your mana as stamina this also gives you +15% bonus stamina you can also infuse normal attack now with mana making your next attack shoot through a target and do def.p damage and this will mark the target with Stream Marking which will give you 10 mana any time you hit it .

Pet Specialization:This allows your pet have additional skills on top of its already vast array of skills however these are skills you command it to do.... This also allows you to control the pet rather than the DM controlling it.The extra skills are listed below and underlined

  • Convert Pet Essence:this de summons your pet for the rest of the fight but turns them into a elemental orb for you yo use.

    Masters Barrier:allows you once every 3T to put a barrier that makes the pet immune to damage for that turn but then it goes on CD that turn the barrier costs 30% mana.

    Cosmic Beam:you can tell your pet to fire a cosmic element beam from its mouth equal to your str + all.p + 1-15 block range + tier 2 beam ( means they must parry of dodge twice) * once per turn.

Element Weakness Aura:anyone who comes into melee range with you will have a debuff put on them depending on how much mana you use to activate your Aura.... Aura has a 1 block radius. Your mana now may go up to 500% instead of 100% your aura lets you regen mana 50% a turn now instead of 20% only while the aura is active you must repay the aura cost every 2T.

  • 100% mana = Enemies have - 500 defense against your spells aka defense,mita,armor,also your spells shield.p.

    300% = previous effects but additionally you and your allies are immune to silence and anything that would disrupt casting or channeling.

    500% = all previous effects additionally your spells cannot be parried,techniques cannot be used to avoid them,and you are now immune to CC as well as your allies .

Death Orb:This orb floats around you until you drop to 0LP and 0 Hp and hit last stand if hit while like this the orb takes the hit and shatters sending you back to full hp this can only happen once every 5T.

Double Cast:You may double cast your spells that you use but when you do this it puts this ability on a 2T CD.

Teleport:This works like dodge/parry except it costs mana and it scales up with every use and the scaling resets every turn the scaling starts at 20%,40%,80%,etc, 1-10 block range.

Barrier Armor:50% Mana cost to form a barrier around yourself these barriers have your hp and you can have 3 on you at the same time shield.p works on these however nothing else does except all.p you can instantly repair one of the barriers or reform it for 50% mana.

Battle Caster:+10 str + 10 spd + disables the use of tier 3 spells and above but you gain the ability to use medium armor and use of ,swords,dual wield,two handed weapons,maces,hammers,bows,crossbows,spell blades.and gain on proc:fire tier 1 spell free of cost *this must be used right when you proc it cannot be saved* + stamina now regens at 50% a turn/

Advanced Caster Staves:Allows the use of advanced staves.



(Passive)Oncoming Darkness:you gain 1 tick of dark every turn 1 tick of dark = 10% mana these are used to reduce the mana cost of the spell.

Darkness Flame:you can enchant a ranged or melee weapon with this only one of these can be active at the time these flames on weapons or ranged weapons add extra damage equal to your str this damage is armor and def.p and poisons for your spd for 1T this does not stack or refresh.20% Mana cost Mastery:this gives you 1 darkness tick and if you spend a darkness tick this will include your str into the dot also.

Form Darkness Shade:this shade will float around you in the form of a snake looking being and when the enemy attacks you they have a chance of hitting it if they hit it dies and you take 0 damage but gain 1 darkness tick. 40% mana cost only one can be out at a time. Mastery:when they kill the shade they are poisoned for str for 1T if the previous skills poison is on them it refreshes it and increases its damage by 1 modifier and increases the duration to 2T.*usable once a turn*

Darkness Explosion:*AOE* 60% mana cost 3 block radius aoe this skill does 300 damage + all.p Mastery:leaves a a cloud of darkness that if the enemy walks through it they have a -1 to evasions and attacking and take 150 damage per turn in it and they take 100 damage for exiting it lasts 2T.

Shadow Flame Orb:1-5 block range:Form a ball of darkness and shadow and fire and throw it at a target this does damage equal to your str or spd and is all.p if this attack misses you gain 2 darkness ticks. Mastery:if this hits a object or the ground is leaves a Shadow Flame Cloud if anyone walks through this they take your str + spd as all.p damage this cloud lasts 1T.

Unholy Vortex:*0-2 block range**Instant* 50% mana cost:Hold out your hand in front of you making a vortex of pure unholy energy this can be used to evade things and suck it in and if you have any Clouds on the field you may to choose to open a unholy rift inside of it and fire it out of it or choose to just not do anything with the attack and have it evaded this does not work on aoes .Mastery:unleashing a enemies abilities in one of your clouds will cause it to explode for that zones damage x2 + all.p.

Deaths Mist:create mist around you at melee range in a 1 block radius anyone caught in this takes your str and spd as all.p damage and 20% mana each time someones takes damage from this mist this mist will move 1 block towards a enemy every turn.Mastery:While standing in the mist and the enemy attacking you is in the mist they do 50% less damage to you.40% mana cost.

Realm Of Darkness:70% mana cost:Create a realm of darkness around you this has 4 block radius and lasts for 1T it will make everyone appear as you as long as they are facing them so whoever they look at will appear as you you will give the dm a number and that will be you and ill give everyone else a secret number and they must choose that number to attack this ability ends if the enemy choose the right number and hits you with a attack.Mastery:enemies who hit their allies will hit their ally for x2 damage then the numbers will get shuffled.* can be used once a turn*

Unholy Devourers:for 50% mana and 20 darkness you can form a vortex of unholy devourers and use them any time you want each one of these devourers hit for your str and spd + def + all.p + give you 100 hp back each time they land a hit you have 8 of these devourers or you can use all the beams to form a Great Devourer which is a DM controlled pet who rampages the enemy closest to death. Mastery you gain 12 devourers now instead of 8 meaning you could have two beasts out. 3T CD after the ability expires or the beast is killed.

Great Devourer * cannot evade attacks*

Hp:your hp x 2
Str: your str x 2
Spd: your spd x 2
Def: your defense x 2

Attacks: str + spd + all.p + attacks 3 times a turn + if target has below 1LP it does str x 2 + spd x 2 + all.p damage.If the enemy moves out of its range it will fire a Unholy Orb at it this orb does Str + all.p + drains 30% of their resources if this attack misses you gain 2 darkness.

Death:when this beast dies it creates 1 block radius zone of death if anything walks through this they take Str + Spd + all.p + lose 30% of all resources this lasts 2T.

Basic Spells

Dispel:50% of your max mana 2T CD:Removes ALL BUFFS including Fury... and things gained passively.

Meditation: disable mana regen for 3T but gain all of you mana back instantly.

Blast:20 block range:20% mana, physical damage ,does damage equal to your str + spd + roll but puts a recoil tick on you these last the entire fight can can keep casting this spell but every time you do you will lose a LP but the spell is free at that point however you can no no longer recieve LPP heals.

Disable:50% mana :2T CD: doesnt do any damage but causes the earth below them to shatter knocking them down and any skill they were going to use goes on CD and has 1T more of a CD this spell can be used at any time.

Supa Shield:all mana cost+ disables spells+ puts a shield on you for your mana cost + your max hp + your str + spd .

Ultimates * Requires 3 class , 3 spell , 1 basic * Before you can learn one of these*


  • Spell Laser:*normal attack are replaced by this*Your normal attacks are now replace by this laser that can be fired for 30% stamina + fires through targets + does your spell masteries debuff on the enemy this laser must be parried or dodged twice to evade and it always does your weapon dmg x 2 + armor.p+ weapons.p.

    (Passive)Arch-Mage Armor:forms three layers of barriers at the start of a fight each barrier has your max hp they cannot be pierced by anything aside from all.p the barriers regen every 1T unless all 3 are broken then this passive is disabled for the battle

    (Passive)Overwhelming Power:any time you lose a LP all your class CD's aside from passives come back up.

Grey Magic Attunement: You learn how to use the mana streams original form aka Grey Magic and gain these following abilities...*cant be taken as a battle caster*

  • Grey Nuke:you summon all the grey magic into one spot and cause a giant explosion 6 block radius require you to have 100% of your max mana to use and 20 of your special resource ( Ignite,Darkness,Holy,Etc) Deals 5,000 non.p damage and if the enemy is hit by this all of their techniques and class abilities and spells are disabled for the rest of the turn.5T CD

    Grey Crash:remove all targets from the air slamming them into the ground making them take object damage x 5 + Their Armor + their str and spd + their defense x the amound of LP they have left = damage + all.p. 100% Mana cost 5T CD.

    Grey Ender:After both the spells above have been used this one becomes usable for 100% mana and disables all enemies abilities before the skill goes off this skill once cast will cast the next turn the first turn it disables them till the next turn aka cant use abilities then a pillar of pure grey energy will appear where you choose destroying siege vehicles tier 2 and below instantly and damage anyone above tier 2 and doing damage to enemies equal to their max hp x 2 + non.p + removes 100% of their primary resource from them + knocks them down for 2 actions + makes their evasions cost 20% more for the rest of the turn. 5T CD

(Race)Mana Serpent: your racials and race is now replaced with this race and you gain the following... You keep your races old stats though....

  • Mana Step:30% Mana * once a turn* Appear anywhere in the battlefield this removes roots and knockdowns .

    Stream Shield:Your control over the mana stream is amazing you can at will summon a shield made out of pure mana around you giving you a shield equal to your hp + cannot be pierced unless its all.p this shield also instantly heals you for 50% resource this shield costs 50% stamina.

    Stream Flame:*instant*100% mana cost*:has no range if they are on the battlefield they can be hit by this flame it does their str x 3 + spd x 3 + their def damage per turn for 3T then at the start of the 4th turn it explodes for their str x 5 + spd x 5 +  def x 2 + all.p damage and every enemy on the battle field takes 1,000 all.p damage also .This comes off the CD after it explodes.

    Stream Gift:give yourself or a ally half of their resource back for free so half your mana or half of someones primary resource * twice a battle* can be used at any time.

    Word Of The Stream:*once a battle*pick 2 abilities and perma ban them for the rest of the battle if the ability is cast they instantly lose a LP.


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