(Special Class)Nether Weaver"The Ones Touched By The Nether War"(Playable)

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(Special Class)Nether Weaver"The Ones Touched By The Nether War"(Playable) Empty (Special Class)Nether Weaver"The Ones Touched By The Nether War"(Playable)

Post  Darenza on Mon Apr 07, 2014 9:46 pm

(Race)Nether Summiser:+ advanced dodge (10% dodge cost) +immune to charm and poisons and roots.+ takes has mita against aoes physical based equal to their defense.

Stamina:120 Regens 50 a turn

(Resource)Nether Energy:gain this resource when you dodge or take damage or using certain abilities.

(Passive)Bladed Weapon Specialization:Can use ANY bladed weapons including exotic class bladed weapons like scythes or whip blades or chain blades etc and have no negatives for using them.

(Passive)Target Me Not: if a group bigger than you attacks you aka 1 vs 2 any time a enemy hits your defense turns to mita and you gain 10 per hit landed on you that does damage the passive deactivates once 2T pass after this racial activates taking damage while outnumbered will activate this.

(Passive)Lotus Blade Specialization:Allow the user of this passive to be able to wield Lotus Blades.

Stamina regens at 50% a turn. And can use light armor and medium armor(trainable)


Class Abilities

Nether Shield:Make a shield of nether energy this shield generates 20% void per turn until it shatters it shatters at 100% void generated this shatter gives you 50% void and turns your defense into mita for 2T. This shield has a 2T CD and this shield while active reduces all damage by 100.

Nether Flame Manipulation:*Stance* You have learned to control your corrupt essence and expand it outward to form a flame around your weapon or weapons and control what type of flame it is....these stances can be used once a turn.*First enchant is free any other time costs 30% nether energy*

  • Crimson :debuff defense by 100 against your attacks every time you land a hit this lasts until the end of your turn the debuff does landing any hits with this enchant refreshes it as long as it does not expire.

    Deep Nether:same as Crimson except it debuffs evasions increases the dodge and advanced movement cost aka advanced movement evasions included the cost increases 5% stamina each hit landed this stacks up to 50% has the same duration.

    Wardens:Anytime someone attacks you and lands a hit on you and it does damage to your hp you form a arcane weapon that attacks the enemy for free with a counter attack

    Serpent:Anytime you parry while this flame is active you gain a defense buff that gives you +100 bonus defense this defense buff can never go beyond your hp x 3 you must parry again to refresh it and the buff ends at the end of your turn.

    Flow:Anytime you evade with this enchant on it reduces the cost by 5% then another 5% then another 5% until the next evasion or advanced evasion is free then it resets back down to 5% .

    Warp:As long as this is on your weapon it allows you for 20% stamina to teleport it doubles in cost every time its used in a turn 20,40,80.

Punishing Nether:when you hit 0 LP you explode throwing nether energy everywhere near you allies can be hit by this and the energy hits anything in a 3 block radius this explosion does 1,000 damage and is shield.p + defense.p and then you pull the energy back inside you healing you back to full hp * once a battle*

Medium Armor Specialization:allows you to use medium armor.

Enhanced Endurance:stamina regens at 100% a turn now.

Mortal Realm Knowledge:allows you to learn techniques that the base classes have access to.* not base class abilities*

Nether Pillar:Create two pillars on the battle field first one on your location and  another one 5 blocks away you can teleport any time but consumes 1 of your 5 nether charges these are consumed each time you teleport you can use this to evade or you can use 1 charge to stealth the summoning of the pillar costs 50% nether 3T CD.

Nether Blade:any time you proc you do a double attack that does your weapon dmg x 2 + has a 3 block range.

Advanced Sneak Attacking:when sneak attacking someone you get the +1 to rolls and your main hand weapons modifier is increased by x 2

Nethers Advance:Form a nether short blade and throw it any time you want this costs 50% nether and has 1-10 block range and it flys through targets this does your weapon damage x 5 and every other target it hits it does x 2 damage OR you can disable the piercing effect when you throw it and teleport behind them and not doing any damage with this ability but this however will give you a chance to do a sneak attack.

Nether Dive:Leap into the air and stealth and land anywhere on the battlefield doing no damage but being stealth OR land on a enemy doing a x 2 weapon damage slam then appearing in front of them and doing a normal attack that will instantly hit them if the leap landed on them due to the knockdown. 60% nether.

Assassins Mark: put this on a enemy target you may freely teleport to them for 30% nether every turn when they try running from you you also gain 1 nether infusion against this person for everytime they havent been hit by you each mark = x1 damage boost this stacks to 5 stacks and is consumed once damage is done by your character used the mark costs 100% nether to use but the mark stays on them until they lose a LP .

(Passive)Nether Pulse:Every 3rd normal attack will now stun making them unable to do anything for one action unless you have a CC breaker if they are immune to CC's this attack will do weapon dmg x 3 .

Nether Swap:50% nether allows you to switch positions with a enemy or a ally at anytime for this cost including a enemy in mid swing this can be used to cause a enemy to hit their ally and after swapping the person swapped it stunned for 1 action.2T CD


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