Techniques "Skills that involve inner chi and uses it in different ways"

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Techniques "Skills that involve inner chi and uses it in different ways" Empty Techniques "Skills that involve inner chi and uses it in different ways"

Post  Darenza on Tue Sep 16, 2014 6:34 pm

These Techniques Can Be Learned From Certain People And Places.

Blur Slash/Smash: This is free to use every turn is long as its the first attack you do. This is undodgeable this attack is a normal attack with additional effects and works the same as normal attacks.

Heavy Bash/Heavy Slash:This attack can not be parried or blocked and must be the first attack you take every turn its free and costs nothing(Blunt and Bladed Only) If they try parrying this attack it hits them your next normal attack has a +2 to rolls to hit them.

Counter Evasion:If a enemy trys using a advanced movement skill to get away from you or to evade you can use this on them for 40 stamina to knock them down this can only be used once a turn.

Shield Slam:*Shield Only*  smash an enemy with great force at the end of your attack turn with a shield instantly. If this attack lands, it deals Str + Spd + defense x2 = Damage, and the enemy is stunned until your turn ends or until they sustain a hit. You may attack one more time with any weapon wielded during the duration of the turn if they become stunned in this manner. 50 stam cost.

Bulwark Stance: Activated at the start of your turn for a rationed 50 stamina, perform a stance that makes you immune to CC's however this cannot be used if your already CC'ed.

Vanguard Stance: Passive. Once per turn, grant yourself a stance that makes you immune to lower tier rolls for 50 stamina.(hits only) * Heavy defense characters*defense must be your highest stat and must be above 400.

Blade Beam:*sniper ranged 1-25 blocks* Shoot a fast moving beam from your weapon doing your normal weapon dmg and they have -1 to evade this due to its fast moving speed(Tier 2) this costs the same as your normal attack except your normal attacks stamina cost is doubled.*bladed only*

Triple Blade Beam:*sniper ranged 1-40 blocks range* Shoot three fast moving beams from your weapon doing your normal weapon dmg and they have -1 to evade this due to its fast moving speed(Tier 3) this costs the same as your normal attack except your normal attacks stamina cost is doubled.These three beams have +200 bonus dmg *bladed only*

Whirlwind:Spin in a square around so every block around your character in a square dealing weapon damage x 3 in 5 separate hits they must evade 5 separate times each one is a separate hit.50% stam cost 3T CD.*uses weapons piercings*

Hidden Dagger Attack: Attack with a -2 chance to avoid as long as you draw a weapon you have yet to use this battle and its a dagger.*daggers only*

Barrier:Block 1 skill or normal attack for free at any one time as long as its not all.p/shield.p 3T CD.

Break Free:remove any CC on you instantly for 20% stamina 1T CD.

Vibro Sight: Activate this ability to see Stealth and Invisible targets. Targets revealed by this are able to re-stealth their selves but the effects that were revealed remain revealed to that player.*once a turn* 40 stamina cost.

Hilt Bash:Stuns a target making your next action land reguardless unless they use a CC breaker.30 stam cost 2T CD

Nullify Bash Or Slash:Weapon damage + weapon swing cost + makes it to where they cant regen hp or gain a LP back for that turn this can be attempted once a turn this also cuts their stamina regen by half. 80 stam cost. 1T CD

Tech Shield:absorbs 1 tech skill and can be used at anytime reguardless of roll *this does not work on magic attacks or skills this only works on skills classified as techniques.40 stamina cost 2T CD.

Magic/Antimatter Shield:same as tech shield but can do it on skills with elemental properties such as fire or anti matter. 40 stamina cost 2T CD.

Special Techniques (Rare)

Sound Breaker:Deal x3 all.p = damage  instantly and consider the attack unblockable/cannot be parried. This is designed to be guaranteed damage. Once per battle. *certain things can defend against this but very few things can * 50 stam cost. + deals full siege damage + shatters shields

Crater: Attack a target in a 5 block aoe radius and slam down doing AOE str x 10 + def.p+armor.p + knocks them down giving you 1 free attack + gives the enemy -1 to rolls while in that 5 block radius the user is unaffected by it because this makes you hover while your in the crater if this is parried they gain the debuff shattered arms making them unable to parry or block with a shield and they have a -1 to attack this lasts 2T . 4T CD. 70 stam cost.*Two Handed Only*

Overdrive:gives you 10 overdrive charges this gives you this heals you for a total of 5,000 hp if you dont need the healing because your at full its +5,000 bonus HP each over drive charge lets you use the top form of dodge or parry aka dodge 4 of any parry but consumes 2 charges when using them for evasions when using them for attacking it only costs 1 but makes your attack cost no stamina and boost your damage by x2 overdrive lasts 2T but once it wears off the skill will take away 5,000 HP LPP + -2 to rolls for 2T * once a battle* This also gives you all your stamina back but once overdrive wears off your max stamina is halved .

Power Up:Speed: sacrifice your advanced evasions for that turn to use this offensive skill this can only be used at the start of your offensive turn to do a ultra fast dash and attack every enemy on the battlefield 3 times each this puts you behind the final enemy hit for a free sneak attack however after using this skill your dodges will become dodge 1 but your parries will stay the same this effect lasts 1T after the skill was used 50 stamina cost and if used on a single target you do 3  x2 damage attacks and the final is a sneak attack they have a -1 to that will do x3 damage if it hits them. * once a battle* *Speed must be your stat focus*

Power Up:Strength:this allows you to prevent the enemy from using advanced get away evasions so they have to dodge or parry you it also cancels out any +1 to dodges or parries it also cancels out  spell casting or channels however the bad thing about this is all attacks done while in this powered up mode cost 10 more stamina and you can only normal attack in this mode also you cannot be CC'ed in this mode or debuffed in in shape or form. *once a battle*50 stam cost *strength must be your main focus*

Distortion Blast:Use the power of lesser chi to create a distortion how certain things work this distortion unstealths any target even phased ones and if the enemy is not in your sights it will teleport them in front of you or 3 blocks away your choice this skill simply puts them within your sights this skill also gives the enemy a -1 that cannot be removed until the skill wears off which is 1T later this also disables the enemy from going out of the users sight + silences spell casters + disrupts channels. *once a battle*


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