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Psi Swordsman


(Passive)Energy Shift:any time a LP is lost or at the start of the turn you are stealthed.

(Passive)Green Plasma Weapons:your attacks debuff armor per hit when their armor hits 0 they take their max armor as all.p damage and everyone 1 block of them takes the damage also and has 1 stack of plasma burn on them also.Green Plasma also ticks for their def x 2 per phase this lasts till the end of the turn then ticks then the dot ends .Armor debuff is equal to your str or spd

(Passive)Multi Strike:every third normal attack you do a advanced normal attack that does x 2 weapon dmg + reduce armor debuff now debuffs with this attack for str x 2 or spd x2.

(Resource)Energy:start at 0/100 and you gain 10 per attack per claw multi strike gives 20 per hit .

*Choose 4 these*

Fury Strikes:strike everything in front you at melee range doing weapon damage + your str = the amount of defense this skill ignores. 3 block radius. 20 energy.

Impale:50 energy does weapon damage but when behind a target or when your stealthed does weapon damage x 2 + def.p +50% armor ignore.

Energy Phasing Strikes :use your energy module to shift / teleport around any enemy and do one -1 to evade attack you do a total of 5 of these attacks the last person hit will be stunned for 1 action 2T CD 100 energy*can be used on one person or divide the attacks out*

Energy Siphon:50 energy hit a enemies shield draining shield equal to the damage done to the shield giving it to you this skill does 0 damage to a non shielded target this skill does weapon damage + roll to shields 2T CD.

Chase The Prey:50 energy -deal weapon damage and slow a enemies movement to 1 free block movement a turn for 1T and makes advanced evasions/movement cost 20 more of the resource it uses this skill speeds you up you 5 block free movement for 1T.2T CD

Split:70 energy use your energy module to make a clone of you that has 1 hp and stealths you if you hit someone while the clone is up your unstealthed and do weapon damage x 3 and knock them down 3T CD .

Counter Injury:anytime you lose a LP you may use this ability to attack a enemy if it lands you do weapon damage x 2 + armor .p + all damaging moves do less damage equal to your str + spd this lasts till your next turn and costs 80 energy.

Smoke Cloud:*30 energy cost* 3T CD *3 block radius* while in this cloud and the enemy is also you have +1 against them and +1 to evasions you also gain 30 energy per phase in the cloud and any ranged attack you use from this cloud has a +2 to rolls .

Energy Wall: 50 energy form a wall of energy in front of you anyone who trys to pass through is thrown 5 blocks back projectiles that hit this wall are reflected back at the caster this wall lasts 1T and has a 3T CD if you use this on top of a enemy they go flying 5 blocks into the air taking falling damage when they land or you can hit them doing x2 extra damage to them the wall is 2 blocks wide.

Energy Lash:hits everything in a 5 block range and hits in a 5 block line this costs 30% blood lust this costs 30% blood lust if a proc is rolled with the ability use it again for free this can keep going on and on forever till the target is dead * can only be used once per turn*

Energy Spiral:hits 2 blocks away and does a mini energy whirlwind and hits everything in a 2 block radius and they must evade once but if they fail they get hit 3 separate times for weapon dmg + its piercings 50% blood lust cost 2T CD. Proc:does double damage.

Energy Explosion: 2T CD - 40 blood lust cost this ability lets you leap at a target for 1-5 block range and land on top of them if you land on them stab into them doing weapon dmg x 3 + weapons piercings + cc's them making them not able to evade the energy explosion from the 2nd part of the skill doing single target weapon dmg x 3 + all.p damage . 3T CD.

Guardian(Anti Matter Knight/Jedi like class)

Anti Matter Repulse:AOE knock back + object damage increase + deals anti matter damage.

General Justicar and Guardian
Deflection:20 D stam deflects projectiles to the side + 1 when using this. This can be used to deflect a group of projectiles.Up to 10
Reflection:20 D stam to reflect a projectile back at a enemy
(Resource)Anti Matter:Regens 50 per turn and gain 10 per normal attack or ability that hits and lands and deals damage.
Matter Manipulation:30 AM allows you to throw a enemy has a 5 block throw distance and they must be in 2 blocks range to use this.
Anti Matter Weapon Throw:40 Am allows you to throw your weapon at a enemy and acts as a buzz saw dealing your weapons damage 3 separate times however they must only evade once.
Flare Blade Specialization:Allows you to channel your anti matter through a special weapon to give it your effects only justicars and guardians can use these weapons.

Cross Blader(Dual gun blade user)
Inquisitor(Unholy Templar)
Justicar(Evil/Fallen anti matter knight)
Anti Matter Lightning
Anti Matter Manipulation(Anti Matter Crush)
Anti Matter Wave(Cleave)


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