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Post  Darenza on Sat Feb 14, 2015 3:01 am

Geminite (Based on a future like bio tech samurai society.Their homeworld glows hot pink due to the cherry blossom hybrids they created)
Stam:200/100 regen
Ki Shield:(can be shield pierced):full hp shield regens every turn 2T.

(Active)Flight:for a rationed 20 D stam you can move 5 blocks for free per turn and have a +1 to evading aerial projectiles that are non anti air however if you are knocked out of the air while moving you take x2 damage also AA does x3 damage to you while using this.

(Active)Warriors Focus:Gain 50 ki per turn can at max have 200 ki you can use 50 ki to make a normal attack sniper ranged or use 100 ki to form a shield of ki in front of you that your attacks and skills can pass through but no one elses its is wide as your body and only covers the front of you this shield has half your hp and takes 50% less damage when its hit and finally for 30 ki you may sub a stamina cost normal attack with ki .

Riser (The races personality is based off of cimmerians off age of conan and the conan movies their society is basically travelling warriors who are always looking for a challenge)
D Stam:100/30
O Stam:120/120
Armor Def(Need def.p + armor.p to go through):150

(Passive)Estarian Skeleton:This skeleton has increased limb durability so each limb has 200 dura instead of 50 or 100 also this race is immune to fall damage.

(Passive/Active)Beserk:The lower Hp you get the more fearsome you become at 0LP you are immune to all CC and debuffs and can only normal attack however you gain 2 free attacks and evasions per turn while this is active you can turn this off at any time but it goes on CD for 2T also your normal attacks become x2 more deadly.

(Racial Armor Specialization)Bone Armor:Allows the use of this type of armor/crafting of.


Fae (Female Only Race)
Str:  15
Spd: 30
Attunement: 50
Stam: 100/50
Magia: 100/100 regen
Def: 10
Lp: 4

(Active)Fae Flight/Hover:allows flight of 5 blocks for free this costs nothing to use and if you use magia equal to your close ranged abilities cost you can do ranged (10 blocks) versions of your close ranged abilities from the sky this also increases their modifiers by 1.  You cannot be rooted or slowed while using this however you can still be knocked out of the sky.  If you fall from 5 blocks or more you take falling damage and take x2 damage from what ever hit you AA does x 3 damage to you.

(Active)Magia Barrier:form 3 barriers around you for 50 magia these can be used at any time and they instantly deflect or evade a attack this active has a 2T CD.

(Passive) Illusion:  Every life point lost, the Fae makes a clone of themselves, the fae choosing the position they start on.  The illusions mirrors your spells, dealing half the spell damage.  The clone is completely controlled by the Fae.  The fae may also set traps in the vacinity of where the clone is.  When the illusion dies it explodes, taking three hits to die.  The Fae may also choose to detonate the illusion.  Enemies caught in the explosion does Att x 10 All P.  5x5 AoE Radius.  No CD.

Racial Abilities:  Magic Traps

(Passive)The Human Spirit:Last stand lasts for 2 hits in instead of 1 this can only be triggered once a turn.
(Passive)Human All Arounder: is able to learn how to wield any weapon except very specialized weapons like flare blades

Pick One

Augmented (Sleeper): regen is 100 a turn for psi now allows you to psi infuse guns or melee weapons per normal attack or ability cost that gives it special effects depending on weapon +10 str and spd Unlocks sleeper class +200 hp.

Augmented(Trooper):gain access to augmented trooper armor and gain +10 str and +5 spd and gain +20 O stam + 20 OStam Regen +20 D Stam Regen + gain trooper class +500 hp.

Augmented(Scout):allows the use of augmented scout armor also gain +50 defense +10 spd +5 str +20 O and D stam regen + gain scout class +300 hp gain.

Special Forces(Non Augmented) + 5 str and spd  +10 max stam and regen + gain Nanites which gives you hp regen equal your str and spd per turn this doubles if your at 0 LP +100 hp.

Justicar Division(Includes Inquisitors):+350 hp + base stam by 20  for both O and D and regens at +10 str and spd.



*Pick 4 racials*

(Passive)Advanced Reflexes:Dodges cost 20 starting out and advanced evasions cost cost 10 less  D stamina and have 1 less CD.

(Passive)Advanced Evading:The crazy amounts of feats this race can achieve with their speed allows them to be able to evade small - medium aoes which are normally not able to be evaded by normal dodging means unless its a advanced evasion however this race can dodge them for 30 D stamina.

(Passive)Enhanced Detection:can smell stealthed targets if they arent using a phased stealth or dimensional shift stealth this has a 5 block range they are immune to 1- 5 block range sneak attacks if they arent any of the types stated above aka if they are behind you and you can smell them it aint happening!.

Dig:how fast you dig = per 5 spd you have 5 spd = 1 block.

(Active)Get Out Of Sticky Situations:you use your cunning and give your self +1 to evasion for the next two abilities or normal attacks used on you this costs 50  D stamina. 2T CD

Pounce:movement x 2 = range + lands on them dealing your spd + their def as all.p damage 30 stam cost + knocks them down.1T CD

(Passive)Enhanced Movement:base movement increases from 3 to 4

(Active)Bio Matter Claws:Spd+all.p + poison equal to damage dealt for 2T:10 O stam swing cost this is the cost of the dual wield attack if you just attack with one claw its 5 O stam cost.

Demonite *These exiled geminites have ventured into the fel fire quadrant of the universe to fight and beat a demon and then use then stolen artifact called "The Binder" and use its power to fuse and bind a demon to their soul and control it the geminites have disowned and consider these foul abominations and enemy to their civilization*


(Passive)Fel Flame Imbuement:your body is one with the fel flames meaning dots durations are halved on you along with poisons and if they only last 1T they are instantly removed off you certain dots will still have full durations on you but bleeds,poisons,disease will all be halved.

(Active/Passive)Demon Form:gain 2 ticks of this per turn and 2 ticks for LP damage this form makes you immune to LPP,CC,falling damage,bleeds,poisons,diseases and gives you +2 free normal attacks and evasions per turn and doubles your hp this form lasts 2T and requires 10 ticks to use and your speed is doubled in this form your free movement increases to 3 to 5 you can be knocked out of this form if you lose a LP while in it demon ticks are disabled for 1T when the form ends.



(Active)Dragon Flight:fly for 30 rationed D stam and use your flight to do special skills which is 6 blocks high flight and 6 block free movement while using this if you are knocked out of the air or hit while in the air you take x2 damage however you gain these abilities while flying Dive Bomb:40 O stam swoop down and slam your weapon on your enemy knocking them down and dealing weapon dmg x 2 + str as damage this has a 1T CD.Also gain Aerial Dash: this can be used for 30 D stam and gives you +1 to your next evasion roll when activated this can be activated mid attack or you can use this as a attack turning it into Swooping Cleave:Swoop down using the raw force of your weight + the power of air doing weapon damage + arc(3 block) + knockdown 2T CD .

(Active)Dragon Breath:Cone 3 block radius and range hits all in this cone for str x 5 + puts a 2T dot on the enemy for str x 2 for 50 O stam or make a bigger breath attack for 70 O stam and deal str x 3 + 2T dot for everyone hit in the larger cone which is now 6 blocks range and width .

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Races Of The Universe Empty Origin War Elves

Post  Doug on Sun Mar 29, 2015 10:04 pm

Origin War Elves


*Choose one*

Path of the Strong:  +50 Strength, +50 Def

Path of the Swift: +50 Speed, +50 Stamina

Path of the Guardian: +500 HP , +100 Defense

Path of the Healthy: +1 LP, +500 HP

Path of the Jack: 20 Strength and Speed.  +25 Stamina.  +20 Def

*Choose one*

Light: Each attack gives you a stack of Brightness.  Three stacks gives you a charge of 'Flash', you may only have 2 stack.  Flash interrupts enemy ability.

Dark: Every 3rd successful attack drains 20% Stamina from the target.  Duel wielding counts as one successful attack even if both attacks hit.

Fire: Every fifth successful attack set's a fire debuff on the target for one turn.  Strx1 or Spdx1 depending on path, Jacks must pick which of the two they will use.  May stack up to five times.

Water: Every 3rd successful attack, you may heal yourself or an ally for Str or Spd x 2. Duel wielding counts as one successful attack even if both attacks hit.

Earth:  Every 4th successful attack knocks the target down.  Can not be used by Small Weaponry (Daggers, etc).

Wind: May chose to blow away the enemy five blocks away every 3rd successful attack, causing collision damage if they strike an obstacle.  You may save a charge, but charges can not stack.  Duel wielding counts as one successful attack even if both attacks hit.

Neutrality:  Every 3rd successful attack All Pierces.  Duel wielding counts as one successful attack even if both attacks hit.

(Racial) Adaptability:  Origin Elves have the ability to regenerate limbs once every two turns.  They may also replace limbs with whatever they wish but they must be careful what they attach to themselves, also after they replace a limb, it will take a full week for the limb to regrow once the replacement is removed.

(Racial) Origins Resilience:  Origin Elves take two hits to kill from Last Stand.

(Racial) Origins Will:  Once an Origin Elf has hit Last Stand, the Origin Elfs turn restarts on the enemies turn, regaining their stamina.  Although, after the Elfs turn, the enemies turn continues.  2 turn CD

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