Chapter Rewards"Gain 1 point per chapter"

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Chapter Rewards"Gain 1 point per chapter" Empty Chapter Rewards"Gain 1 point per chapter"

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Execute:you say what you to do to execute them this must be a lower tier enemy aka "weak class enemies compared to you" this can be used on them instantly at 0 LP and they have a -2 to evade it. costs 50 stamina.

Revamped Gunslinger Class: 3 chapter points or 3 Estaria tokens.

Phase Blade Story Unlock: 10 Estaria Points or 6 chapter points

Pheonix Knight Unlock:15 Estaria Points or 8 chapter points.

Chapter 1

Shadow Infusion:instantly makes you gain 100 stamina back and stealth's you moving you 3 blocks making you able to move the next 3 blocks away or towards a enemy for free but after doing so you unstealth. 5T CD.

Condensed Blade Beam Barrage:Fire 2 blade beams first one does weapon damage + piercings 2nd = weapon dmg x 2 + piercings  x 2 these beams have 15 block range and deal half weapon damage as siege. 50 stam cost.

(Active) Arcane Shift:Fly at a target with great speed leaving after image the first attack as long as its within the next 3 attacks upon arriving will explode negating a dodge roll if they tried to dodge this explosion does your normal attack dmg x 2 + piercings + sends the target flying 3 blocks. .2T CD.

(Active)Cyrian Bulwark Stance Lvl 1:Lowers your stamina by 50 but makes your parries have a +1 to rolls and your defense increases by 150 dodge is disabled in this form. 2T CD once you deactivate this form.


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