Type 3 Super Solider "Amphibian Project"

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Type 3 Super Solider "Amphibian Project" Empty Type 3 Super Solider "Amphibian Project"

Post  Darenza on Sat Sep 06, 2014 7:08 pm

Stam:200/Regens 100

(Passive)Amphesian:able to breathe under water and immune to poisons.Also they have 0 movement restrictions underwater and gain boosted stats +20 to str and spd underwater + gain more defense equal to your str and spd.

(Passive/Active)Poison Body:able to deal weapon damage to themselves or when they take damage and coat their weapon in point that puts a poison that ticks once then goes away at the end of the turn but it however does stack and the tick will increase in damage if it does the damage per tick is equal to your weapon damagethis must be a physical weapon or you can use your own poison to mend bleeding wounds stopping the bleeding and heal you for your poisons tick damage.

(Passive)Rubber Like Skin:makes blunt weapons attacks and abilities unable to do LPP damage and when you lose a LP you gain "Reinforced Shell" giving you def x 2 for the rest of your turn you are also immune to blunt object damage meaning if your sent flying through a wall it does 0 damage your also immune to falling damage.


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