Type 2 "Machine Intergrated Human"

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Type 2 "Machine Intergrated Human" Empty Type 2 "Machine Intergrated Human"

Post  Darenza on Fri Sep 05, 2014 10:11 pm

Stam:100/100 regen

*Cannot dual wield*

(Passive)Blaster Arm:(Right or Left arm your choice):can only be one arm but allows you to have a ranged weapon equal to your main hand weapon and will always have a 10 block range does the same damage and piercings as your main hand weapon.

(Passive)Hacker:able to hack certain machines.

(Passive)Pilot:able to pilot tech based vehicles.

(Passive)Weapon Intergration:able to take equipment and turn it into nanite particles and memorize it meaning you can reform a copy version of it and use it this can be done by armor and weapons keep in mind only certain armors can be intergrated .

(Active)Cyborg Energy Blade:str x 3 + def ignore equal to str and spd 20 stam cost. or blades which cost 40 stam for a dual wield style attack.

(Passive)Tetronite Skeleton:immune to LPP+ bone breaks + limb loss.

(Passive)Mechanical Armor:Allows use of this special type of racial armor.


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