Type 4 Super Soldier "Genetic Modified Human Project"

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Type 4 Super Soldier "Genetic Modified Human Project" Empty Type 4 Super Soldier "Genetic Modified Human Project"

Post  Darenza on Thu Sep 04, 2014 2:48 pm

* choose 2 racials*

Genetic Augmentation - Chose 2 of these

Enhanced Reflexes:allows them to dodge or parry T3 speeds this costs 20 stam this can be taken twice but you must choose if you want the dodge or the parry dodge cant be taken twice and parry cant be you simply can just get both the advanced evasions.

Enhanced Skeleton:immune to 30 block fall damage or less + LPP

Enhanced Body:cant be poisoned,diseased,or bled

Nano Machines:allows regen once per turn instead of once per 2T .

Second Chance:gives you two last stands the second one can only happen once a battle.

Wings:5 block free movement 50 stam per turn and +1 to dodge while flying in the air

Stam:150/regens 150

+ gain these passives for free

Blademaster:able to use all types of blades for no more than 20 stam and allows the crafting of blade mods * must be able to wield the weapon stat wise for this to apply*

GunMaster:same as blade master but with guns and allows the use of gun mods including special ones and gun crafting

Power Suit Specialization: allows the use of super soldier power suits


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