Human And Goblin Only (Exo Suits)

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Human And Goblin Only (Exo Suits) Empty Human And Goblin Only (Exo Suits)

Post  Darenza on Thu Jul 31, 2014 2:32 am

Assassin Exo Suit:1 slot for modules,+200 hp,+50 armor,+20 def,+20 stam.

Heat Blade MK I:20 stam per attack 50 dmg + 50 armor.p+50 def.p

Light Bender:once a turn, Stealths you for 3 blocks of movement or makes your next attack have a +1 rolls and x 2 damage.

Nightshade Dart Launcher:1-3 block range 3 shot clip can only be reloaded after removing a LP from the enemy this dart turns a target into stone like statue also makes the next non physical attack they recieve  deal x 2 damage if a physical attack hits them they will break out of the statue state if untouched this lasts 1T.

Buster Rifle Proto MK I :600 dmg + 2 shots per turn costs 50 stam to reload 1-10 block range + knocks down any enemy hit by this weapon and they skid back 5 blocks also def.p + deals 50 armor damage and also drains 20 of the enemies stam.

Light Exo Suit(Fighter)
Medium Exo Suit
Heavy Exo Suit
Engineering Exo Suit
Medical Exo Suit


Spinner:takes up 1 slot can have 1 and enemies that cant evade t2 speeds have a -2 to dodge this ... this disc flys 1-15 blocks and the disc itself has 300 siege hp this disc does 15 damage to weapons and 5 armor damage and does 100 def.p damage can be used once a turn.

Nano Regen Pack:1 slot heals 200 hp instantly but has a 1T CD packs have 100 siege hp.

Supression Drone:2 module slots:this flys 3 blocks into the air this fires once a turn this drone deals 100 all.p damage and dazes the target making them have a -1 to all rolls and higher tier evasion skills cost 10 more resources this drone fires once a turn and this debuff lasts till the end of the turn drone has 400 siege hp.


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