(Special/Basic)Psi Swordsman"Humans And Elves who Unlocked The Power Of Psi"

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(Special/Basic)Psi Swordsman"Humans And Elves who Unlocked The Power Of Psi" Empty (Special/Basic)Psi Swordsman"Humans And Elves who Unlocked The Power Of Psi"

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*Swords only/cloth armor only* *Restricted to Elf Based Races And Human Based Races*

(Resource)Psi:starts at 0 this increases depending on what certain abilities do also the more "Weak Mind" they have the less defense they have against your psi attacks and the more primary resource they lose.

Weak Mind: -10 def(stacking debuff) -10 stamina per stack you have this only drains when they are hit by a normal attack.Lasts the entire battle unless something consumes them or they remove them if they reach enough to where they have 0 def or stamina they lose a turn.If not refreshed this lasts 1T *This caps out at half their stamina but has no cap on defense*

*starts with 2 ability points*

(Builder)Possess:Target a enemy make a clone of yourself stealth and take over that enemy for that turn if this lands you gain 100 psi and the enemy 10 weak mind ticks this ability has a 3T CD even if it misses you only have access to normal attack as the enemy taken over but you can perform attacks until their stamina runs out each attack you land on a enemy gives them a tick of weak mind .Costs 50 psi

Mind Shroud:100 psi to trick everyone into thinking you arent there stealthing your next attack will impale the target making them take weapon dmg x 2 + all.p + gaining 5 ticks of weak mind they also must beat a impale roll or else take another weapon dmg x 2 + gaining another 5 ticks .

(Builder)Overwhelming Pain:This attack does damage depending on how many weak mind ticks they have this ability has no cooldown and costs nothing but cannot be used unless they have weak mind every 10 weak mind increases this abilities damage by x1 it starts out as weapon dmg x 1.All enemies near the target hit by this take damage depending on how many ticks they have but they only take half damage from the ability and the ticks are consumed this ability can only be used once a turn. Gain 50 psi for landed this.

(Builder)Pain Phantasms: form 2 replicas of yourself or your enemy/enemies these will run at one person doing 2 attacks per clone after they finish they will explode for the amount of weak mind they have on them 50 per weak mind they have if they have none they take 50 all.p damage and gain 1 weak mind. 1T CD. gain 20 psi for using this.

Dominate Psyche:200 psi:makes it to where you take control of a enemy and can move them 3 spaces or make them do 3 normal attacks on ally for free the enemy controlled by this ability will take str + spd + all.p per action taking aka every attack they do one 1 space movment they take that damage all nearby enemies in a 2 block radius get 3 weak mind ticks.

Psi Flare Trap:3 of one trap can only be out at a time these traps are raw physically psi energy these traps explode in a 2 block radius and send all nearby targets flying 6 blocks back these traps do non.p str x 5 + spd x 5 + puts a dot on them for str + spd for 2T.These traps go on a 5T CD once 3 have been used.50 psi cost puts 20 weak mind each time this trap is stepped on.

Psi Entanglement Trap:3 of any trap can only be down at one time these traps root a enemy and lock them down to where they cant do anything unless they are hit while in this trap the enemy may try breaking out of it starting next turn each time they try it costs 20 stamina and they can attempt to break it three times a turn they must roll higher than your roll you roll when they get hit by it each time they try and fail a attempt they take str + spd + all.p damage once all 3 charges of the traps have been used this trap skill goes on CD for 5T.50 psi cost puts 10 weak mind each time they are hit by the trap

(Builder)Psionic Spear:target a area with a ability this ability charges in the area the enemy cannot detect this until it has two charges this skill will give you more psi for the longer is charges each charge = 20 psi gained 1T = 1 charge this ability can be fired at anytime it has no cooldown but costs 20 stamina and causes spears to shoot in the area in a 2 block radius these spears do str + spd + all.p you gain 2 spears per turn charges these spears can all hit one target these spears fly out of the ground so they are 1-10 block range attacks every time a enemy is hit by these spears you gain 10 psi the downside to these spears is that they do not apply weak mind this ability can only be used once a turn.

Lock Down:100 weak mind required use this on a enemy to lock all of their abilities down except for dodging and parrying for 2T this costs nothing this also halves their stamina for 2T this ability has no cooldown.

Psi Lift/Throw:Psi cost = to objects weight lift a object and throw them 5 blocks if they hit a object they take object dmg x 2 + knocked down .

Psi Choke:Use 50 psi to choke a enemy and hold them there in the air in the form of a CC the amount of damage it does depends on amount of weak mind they have str or spd = 10 weak mind this abilities base damage is str or spd every 10 weak mind adds 1 modifier you can use the choke to throw them if you do this it cancels the 1T CC but makes them take str or spd x 3 in all.p damage and if they hit another person that person takes str or spd x 5 as non.p damage if used in this way puts the ability on a 3T CD if used as a CC this ability is on CD until the CC on the current person ends .

Enhanced Mind:Immune to charm and mind control and blinds and rapidly start gaining Psi when CC'ed 10,20,40 for every time a cc lands on you the amount of psi you gain goes up this works both ways .

Entrapment:usable if they hit 0 def or stamina makes their next turn where they are stuck in a dome of psi and must fight a dopple ganger of them with 0 LP and their hp and armor and weapons it can only normal attack as much as they can it will always go first and will always use up all of its stamina it cannot evade this is a CC and can be broken.


Psi Hunter:allows up to 3 traps to be on the battlefield per trap type instead of just 3 of all types this also makes your sword turn into a psi breaker gunblade when taking this making it have 3 shots a turn with 5 - 20 block range these shots will always fire through a target and through walls and objects similar these shots always hit for weapon dmg x 5 + weapons piercings these shots put 20 ticks of weak mind on them if they have more than 100 weak min ticks they take weapon dmg x 7 + knocks down also traps instead of having a 5T CD now have a 3T CD.


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