(Basic)Seer"Conjures Weapons and Summons Spirit Beings To Defeat Their Enemies"

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(Basic)Seer"Conjures Weapons and Summons Spirit Beings To Defeat Their Enemies" Empty (Basic)Seer"Conjures Weapons and Summons Spirit Beings To Defeat Their Enemies"

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(Passive)Spirit Doppleganger :Your power over spirit energy allows you to summon a doople ganger  that has certain effects and skills your dopple has your hp x 2 and takes 50% less damage from all sources but this dopple has 0 LP but has last stand and can evade for free.Your soul attacks for str + non.p damage and its a dual wield style attack this happens three times a turn.

(Active)Reform:once every 2T you can revive your soul.


Your hp x 2
50% damage reduction

Spirit Slash:You do a normal attack and your spirit do a normal attack doing your normal damage and your dopple does your normal damage to but its all.p these are two separate attacks and costs 40% stamina. * can be used once a turn*

Soul Shield fuse back with your dopple giving you a shield but destroying it for 1T or until it can be revived this shield is equal to its hp and cannot be pierced 2T CD. 40% stamina cost.



Weaken Soul:use this ability to attempt to weaken a enemies defenses this ability does 0 damage but if you land it their armor is reduced by half.

  • Dopple:Your dopple uses this ability to try to weaken their defense stat if this lands its reduced by half this last till the end of the turn both debuffs do this ability may be attempted once a turn.50% stamina cost.

Lessen Soul - Once a battle per time taken - Place a debuff on an enemy group 1- 5 block range that causes them to take full damage from all attacks (reduced by armor, vigor or anything else - Shields still act as a primer for damage, it is simply not reduced) and this lasts 2T,and then they take your str + spd + All P damage instantly. This damage will instantly make an enemy explode if they are at 0 LP( not a instant kill 3 block radius.)

  • Dopple Ability - While the enemy is under the effect of "Lessen Soul", you can use your Dopple to mimic your basic actions at the same time you perform your actions. Example: Attacks and Techniques *This ability can be taken three times to make it usable three times a fight.

Soul Drain - Drain some of the enemies soul energy and use it to heal yourself for str + spd and deal str x2 + spd x 2 all.p damage to them this costs 70% stamina

  • Dopple:it can use this ability but it has a 2T CD instead but it also heals you for your str x 3 or spd x 3.

Spirit Conjuring:With this skill you can conjure certain objects for a cost... the objects are the following.....

  • Spirit Blade:str x 2 + all.p costs + costs 50% stamina to summon this weapon can be used by you or your doppleand while wielding it your immune to disarm.

    Spirit Armor:+100 Armor + cannot be pierced by anything including all.p this can be used on your dopple.50% stamina to summon

    Spirit Wings:50% stamina to summon this allows you or your dopple to fly 3 blocks into the air making projectiles have a -1 to hit you and making your free movement go from 3 blocks to 5 blocks and instead if paying 30% stamina to move 1 block beyond the free blocks its 30% stamina for 2 blocks.

    Spirit Boots:This allows you to walk like a spirit where you move at high bursts of speed giving you 1 free 1-5 block very fast movement this is once per turn and to form the boots costs 50% stamina.

    Spirit Orb:Summon a spirit orb to follow a enemy this orb will attack once a turn for spd x 2 all.p dmg + your spd this is a free attack you can use at any time once a turn. 30% stamina cost.the orb lasts 3T then it must be re summoned this orb cannot be hurt by any type of damage. Limit of one of these can be out at a time.

Summon Spirit Hulk:Summon the energy from a spirit hulk from the spirit realm and fuse with with your dopple the hulk has the following stats....

your hp x 5
immune to magic
immune to cc and dots
50% damage reduction

This transformation lasts lasts 3T and cannot be done the rest of the battle ...This hulking beast always does your weapon damage x 2 and attacks with a dual wield style attack the beast does not evade and attacks 5 times a turn.

Summon Spirit Realm Warden(Valkyrie): Summoned a winged entity that resembles Summoning one and having it die requires a 3T channel to revive it during which time the player may take no other offensive actions. This warden can conjure any seer item or ability that your dopple can. The spirit warden has these stats...

HP:Your Hp x 3
LP: 1
Attack: your str+ spd =  all.p  4 Attacks,

Structure(Armor + Defense):250

Parries and Dodges are free with this pet.

Ability: Smite - Cast 1 Turn. Deal your str x 4 + spd = Damage or your str x 5 as Siege Damage +all.p

Ability: Heal - Cast 1 turn. End Turn. Grant str x 3 as Health to one target

Ability: Shield - Cast 1 Turn. Grant a Shield equal to your defense to a ally, this shield goes on cool-down for 2 turns upon destruction.

Summon Banisher:Pull a weapon from you Spirit Armory 50% stamina cost --- the Stats are listed below:

Two-Handed, Magical

STR x4 + does armor and def.p that scales with your str and spd stats.

Ability: Ignite - 2 Turn Dot on Proc, Deals spd x 2 = Damage per turn and it can not be mitigated. 2 Turn Cool-down.

Passive Effect: Grants the wielder str = Regen per turn.

Proc Effect: makes the dot scaling go up by 1 every time your proc Example:x3 ,x4,x5

Thrown Effect: Throw the banisher destroying it but igniting all enemies in a 5 block radius for the base ignore damage for 2T.

*Your dopple can wield this and do 3 attacks with it a turn*

Spirit Barrier:3T CD puts a barrier around someone to absorbs 500 hp + dopples current hp this costs 50% stamina.

  • Dopple:Your dopple uses this when you do .

Seer Sight

  • Absolute Sight - Your sight is never obscured by ANYTHING. You can even see any hidden action.

    Find Weakness - If the enemy has a weakness, your dopple can attack it with bonuses(+1 to rolls).

    Mimic - Repeat an attack back at an enemy, but this puts your True Sight on a 3 turn cool-down*single target only*

Ultimates*Requires ALL seer abilities*

Blades of The Soul Harvest Replaces the "Weaken Soul" ability. Refunding the point spent on it. These two blades are soul-bound, and unique. Their stats are as follows:

5 Turn Cooldown on conjuration 100% stamina cost
Each Blade has:

Spd x2 + Str x2 = Damage+all.p+30% stamina swing cost.

Passive Ability: Spirit Chains - These blades are Ranged 2 aka attack 2 blocks range and can . These chains cannot be disarmed.

Passive Ability: All P

Active Ability:Spirit Crash: Str x 10 + static + 5T CD This if it lands and does damage gives you a shield equal to your damage you dealt.

Spirit Ability: Your Dopple can use this the same way as Spirit Crash.

Valkyrie's Spear: Summon a weapon of pure spirit energy with the following stats... 100% stamina cost.

Each Spear has:
Str x3 + Spd x3 = damage

Passive Ability: Each attack generates health for your dopple. However this requires a 40% stamina static investment.

Active Ability: Surround your Spear in your Spirit Aura, giving it extra damage equal to your dopples hp this attack is considered a Range 2 attack. This ends your turn.3T CD.

Dopple:Your dopple can use this instead of you.


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